Okay. We feel terrible for lying to you.

Maybe not that terrible.

Our movie concept came to me when I was scanning through all of the queer themed
horror and suspense movies available to watch on Netflix. Most of them feature
a cover with a bunch of white 20-something muscle men in their underwear with
titles like "Haunted Frat" or "Boy Crazies". There's not much to contend with
plot wise. A bunch of guys wander around in their underwear, maybe they screw,
and the horror element is non-existant.

One of my favorite genres has always been the zombie genre. I thought, what if
I took the archetypes from horror movie characters and crossed them with stereotypes
from the queer community. What would the result be? As I fleshed out character concepts
and narratives, I began writing an actual script. But the thing is... I have no movie
making skills. I'm an actor and singer; not a film maker.

So I called upon some of my talented friends and we put together a conceptual art
piece. The idea was to create a website, character portraits, a soundtrack... everything
that would go along with promoting a movie as if the movie existed. Then we just
threw it all out into the universe to see what would happen.

Within a week someone - not us, I swear! - had set up an IMDB page for our "movie".
Admittedly we ran with it, adding quotes, reviews and bits of info that made it seem
even more real. Within a few months, we had a legitimate offer from TLA Video
- the world's largest distributor of gay film and TV - asking if we could discuss
a distribution deal. For our movie. That doesn't exist.

There is obviously a desire for queer themed movies with a diverse cast, real and
interesting characters, and some decent writing and acting. So right now, we would
love to raise enough money to make a 15-20 minute short film version of our movie.